Trivial discourse

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Alien Life: A Beginner’s Guide

A beautiful shot of the milky way

Earth is teeming with life. Everywhere you look on our planet you can find life. From the harshest deserts to the deepest depths you can find some form of life. Yet, as soon as you leave the planet you seem to leave all that life behind.

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Measuring Human Development

Is a modern city the pinnacle of human development?

Never before in the history of mankind have we been as healthy and as rich as we are today. But is everybody benefiting from this progress? How do we measure human development?

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Building Diaper Pyramids

The Great Pyramids

Just how many diapers are used in a year and can we use those to build a large pyramid?

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Lyrical Genius

Does lightning only strike during a rain storm?

Singers are known to sometimes incorporate strange lyrics in their songs and while they claim it's for poetic reasons, they're sometimes just wrong. Here are some examples of wrong facts in songs.

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Building A Wall Around The World

The Great Wall of China

Throughout the history of mankind, we've been building walls. Short ones, like the walls that make up your home and long ones; Really, really long ones. Suppose, for some reason, we'd want to build a wall that stretches around the world. Would that even be possible?

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I’ve Heard It All Before

The legendary Louis Armstrong

How often have you been listening to the radio and thinking “I’ve heard this before”? You know you haven’t heard the song itself before, but the songs melody seems familiar. Is this necessary? Aren't there enough melodies to go around?

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Catching Arrows

A painting by William T. Walters

It's one of the more spectacular effects in action movies; catching an arrow in flight with your bare hands. But, is it even remotely possible?

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