There’s a bunch of great new music that has come out recently. Below is an overview of the music I’ve been enjoying a lot this past month. Heads up: this article links off to a lot of different music. Mostly the links lead to either Youtube or Spotify.

Chali 2na

Chali 2na has one of the deepest voices in hiphop and an excellent sense of rhythm to boot. He’s one of the members of Jurassic 5 and once played Neil deGrasse Tyson in Epic Rap Battles of History. This summer he released this solid video with the Funk Hunters and this week followed that up with a song called Get Involved. Both songs have some great synthesizer sounds and strong beats. And Chali’s vocals add a laid back feel to the songs (even though Get Involved is a rather uptempo song).


Talking about synthesizers, the soundtrack from Stranger Things came out. If you’re into instrumental 80s synthesizer music, this is a must-listen. Just like the TV show, the soundtrack references music from the 80s a lot. But more than anything, I thought it sounded a lot like the soundtrack to the video game FTL.

More callbacks

Where the Stranger Things soundtrack references the 80s, Lenzman’s new album All For You is a direct callback to Drum and Bass music from the 90s. Fast paced rhythms combined with soulful piano’s and synthesizers, topped off with the occasional vocals. All in all, it feels like the kind of Drum and Bass guys like Goldie and Alex Reece were making in the mid-nineties.

More music from movies

Besides new music, I’ve also been going back to some older stuff. Mostly music from the genius comedy the Blues Brothers. But also this opening tune to a really cool French cartoon show, performed by the Cure.

I leave you with this last song, because it’s coming up on the holiday season.