Pop songs tend to be on average between 200 and 250 seconds long. That's just over 3 minutes. Looking at Spotify’s top 50 pop songs playlist today, there are only three songs over four minutes long. 1 song comes in under 2 minutes. The rest sits somewhere between two and a half to three and a half minutes. It is said that this is either a leftover from a time when vinyl records could only hold a few minutes of music or from radio DJs that found it easier to fit short songs in between the commercial breaks.

In this playlist, we’re going to be taking a look at songs that go well over 250 seconds. I have not included any Prog Rock music, because they always tend to be over 250 seconds.

Timeless by Goldie

Our first song on the list is Goldie’s Timeless. Known as one of the most iconic Drum and Bass songs of all time, it runs for about 21 minutes. British news outlet The Guardian has referred to the album Timeless appeared on one of the 50 key moments in the history of dance music. The first part of the song was split off into a separate single that did quite well on its own. And it has even been performed live by the Heritage Orchestra.

Born Slippy by Underworld

Before we continue, technically this song is called Born Slippy (Nuxx). Underworld also released a song simply called Born Slippy that sounds completely different. However, because Born Slippy (Nuxx) was the song that became famous, everybody (including me) refers to that song as "Born Slippy". Underworld s Born Slippy gained fame when it was included in the movie Trainspotting. It's a bit shorter than our previous entry, at almost 12 minutes, but it is no less iconic.

Wu-Tang Forever by Logic

Featuring every living member of the Wu-Tang Clan on a single song is not easy. Logic made this happen on his 2018 album YSIV. To make room for all Wu-Tang Clan members and Logic himself, the song takes a full eight minutes. Luckily, the song is really good and with eleven different rappers, it never gets boring.

Disintegration by The Cure

When the Batman broods on top of a rain-slicked rooftop looking down on Gotham’s nightlife, I imagine he is secretly listening to this song. Dark, gloomy, and eight minutes and change long. The Cure’s Disintegration is easily their best work. In fact, this whole album might just be their best work.

Hylife by Marcus Miller

The opening song on the 2015 album Afrodeezia. This album is filled with great songs like I Can’t breathe (with vocals by Chuck D). Hylife is a perfect blend between Western and African music. Marcus Miller worked with several musicians from Senegal, including Alune Wade, on this song.