Coral 1

29 April 2021 — Pieter Heijman
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Coral 1 by Pieter Heijman “Coral 1” by Pieter Heijman

Detail shot of Coral 1 Detail shot of “Coral 1”

Title: Coral 1
Tools: Processing
Concepts: Flow fields, noise, collision detection

A variation to Down by the River using some basic collision detection to reduce the number of overlapping lines. Because of this, there is only 1 layer of lines, compared to several hundred in Down by the River. The colors were taken from images of coral reefs (hence the title).

The collision detection works by taking the control points for each line and comparing them to all other control points. If a control point is found to share its space with another control point, the entire line is removed and a new one is made. This doesn’t completely prevent collisions from happening, but it prevents most of them.

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