Today is Halloween and that means it is time for the second annual Halloween special, where we explore topics of a more ghoulish nature. This year we take a look at a story that takes place in the Bluegrass state, Kentucky, during the 1950’s. In the rural area of a small town called Hopkinsville several people said to have come eye to eye with monsters from outer space. This is the case of the Hopkinsville Goblin.

A Kentucky farm

Our story starts in the early evening of august 21, 1955. Billy Ray Taylor was pumping water outside the Sutton farmhouse when he saw strange lights in the western sky. Upon closer inspection it appeared to be a disc-shaped craft with colorful lights around its side. Billy ran back to the farmhouse to tell everyone about his sighting.

Billy Ray Taylor, who was from Pennsylvania, was visiting the Sutton family who lived in a farmhouse outside of the small Kentucky town of Hopkinsville. As he told them what he had seen however, he was laughed at. Most likely, they said, he had seen a shooting star.

It was not more than an hour after Billy saw his shooting star when the family dog began barking loudly. Billy and the family patriarch Elmer “Lucky” Sutton decided to check out what had set off the dog. They each took a gun and went out into the yard. They did not have to look long for what had spooked the dog, who was now hiding underneath the house. Appearing from a group of trees they saw a small creature, about a meter tall. It had large eyes and ears, short spindly legs and claw-like hands. The creature moved towards the two men who reacted by firing their guns at the creature.

The story above would have been verifiable if one of the bullets had killed the creature. But, even though the creature had been no more six or seven meters away and both men were experienced shooters, none of the bullet hit the creature. Instead the creature flipped around and ran back between the trees. The two men ran after it. They took a few more shots at the creature but again either missed or failed to injure it. The creature got away and Billy and Lucky decided to go back inside.

As the two men came back inside, both upset by what they had seen, Lucky’s brother JC said he had seen the creature stare in through the window. He said they had taken shots at it but the creature had flipped around and run away.

The following hours the family could hear the creatures running across the roof. The creatures would come up to the house, look in through the windows, even walking up into the doorway. Each time the family would take a few shots at them and each time the creatures would run away. Sometimes they’d hit one of the creatures. but rather than kill it, they would hear a metallic sound and the creature would run away as if it hadn’t been hit.

At eleven o’ clock, the family decided to run for it. They got into two cars and drove towards Hopkinsville where they told their story to the police. The police chief, Russel Greenwell sent a group of about twenty police officers to the Sutton farmhouse. He took the story seriously because he knew the Sutton family was not one to run for help.

When the officers arrived at the farm they found no trace of any creature, but hundreds of bullet holes and shells. The officers left at around two o’ clock. Shortly after they left Billy saw another one of the creatures and again shot at it. The creatures were seen until dawn. The Sutton family never saw one since.

Most people saw the event as nothing more than a hoax and as such it never gained the kind of notoriety that other alien encounters enjoy. There is the occasional sighting though and sometimes a blurry photo pops up online.

It is pretty much impossible to really confirm what happened, if anything happened at all. Besides the possibility that it was no more than a hoax, some say it might have been some local animal like an owl. Some even claim it might have been a small monkey that had escaped from a nearby circus. Neither of these would justify the hundreds of bullets fired, though. It may have even been a weird case of mass hysteria. Whatever it was, it makes for a great story. Happy Halloween!

Photo by the US Department of Agriculture